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Thank You… Thank You… Thank You!

Dear St. Mark Parish family,

At the very beginning I would like to tell you that I am speaking for all the clergy of St. Mark Parish.

Saint Mother Theresa says: “Where there is love, there is God”. This is the feeling we got in this morning’s event. We love you and there are no words to express adequately of how we priests and Deacons were moved by your kind action of love and appreciation this morning through your drive by tribute. As I was standing at the curve waving at all the cars going by, I could not stop my tears of joy. We your priests and Deacons are here only to serve you and do whatever we can to help you get closer to God. So we do not deserve this tribute. Rather all of you parishioners deserve it. St. Mark is really a beautiful parish family where there is strong sense of community and we are honored to be part of this family. Today’s event was beautiful and it gave opportunity to all of you to come out of your houses and do something honorable as a community.

On behalf of my brothers, Fr. Russ, Deacons Emmet, Paul and Andy, I, with an enlarged heart, would like to thank all of you who participated in today’s event. Mrs. Samantha Costa, Mrs. Patricia Nettleton, and Mr. Jared Forcier were the main persons behind organizing this event. Thank you both very much. I also would like to express my deepest gratitude to Police officers and Fire Fighters for supporting this community event by your presence. Let us continue to pray for our health workers and first responders who are our true Heroes, that God may protect them as they protect us.

Finally, dear friends, we love you very much and miss you at Mass. Let us pray that God may take this plague away from our midst that we may be able to come to His house and praise and worship our loving and merciful God.  May God bless you and keep you safe!


Love you,

Yours in the Lord,

Fr. Birendra

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